Thursday, April 13, 2017

10th Submission

This picture was inspired by the concept of the circle of life. The rose will eventually die and as the leaves fall they lose the color of life and fall the the ground gray and devoid of life. This all happens as the moon goes through its cycle, though it is the opposite. As time goes by it grows in size and intensity changing life and the earth.

9th Submission

This painting was inspired by my new found interest in galaxy painting. I thought it would bring the stars to life to draw people in space, so I did just that.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

8th submission

I was inspired to draw this picture because of all the bright intricate colors that are involved in drawing it. I used the following link as a starting point to re-draw
I enjoy drawing still life so when i saw the original picture I was immediately drawn to it.

7th submission

This picture is based off of an Iroquois legend called the World On a Turtle's back. The legend says that there was no earth in the beginning, only a vast ocean with sea life and way above the ocean there was a world called Sky World. This is where people, much like the Iroquois lived. In the center of Sky World there was a sacred tree that had its roots spread throughout the world. In Sky World there lived a husband and wife who were expecting a child, and the wife got a craving for the bark of the tree and decided to go eat it. As she told her husband about it he didn't like the idea so he supposedly let her go on her own to get the bark. While she was trying the get the bark she found a hole in the ground and in it she saw and ocean. She became so overwhelmed with curiosity she fell in. There is also a variation of the story that says her husband pushed her, but no one knows for sure. As she fell the birds gathered to carry her to safety on the back of a giant turtle in the sea. Here she had her baby and they created the world and nature. This scene of Sky World inspired me to draw what I thought it might look like and above is my interpretation.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

6th Submission

For this picture I imagined windows that only allow what people want you to see. There is much more to a person that their outside appearance allows.  I felt like these colors gave you a look into a person, much like and aura.

5th submisson

While creating this picture i used a coke zero can and progressively smashed it to show the deterioration of the can. It shows how you can get beat down so many times but deep down no matter how different you look on the outside you are the same in every other way.

4th submission

As the saying goes, "eyes are the window to the soul". I wanted to convey that through this picture. Thoughts and feeling shown in the eyes and that is where I got my inspiration for this picture. I used dark browns and blacks for everywhere except the eye to show the black and white straightforwardness of the world and the wonder and mystery is shown through the colors I painted in the eye.